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Characteristics of use of refractory materials for blast furnace

Date:2017-06-09 09:44 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
Blast furnace out of the trench is out of high temperature hot metal and slag channel. In the production process to withstand the destruction of several factors:
     1 flow of high temperature hot metal and slag erosion and erosion;
     2 blast furnace slag chemical erosion;
     3 intermittent iron out of the role of intense thermal shock.
     Blast furnace trench
Blast furnace trench
     In view of the above characteristics, it is required that the refractory material for iron ditch has the following characteristics:
     1 iron trench lining refractory high temperature hot metal and slag erosion and erosion ability to be strong;
     2 has excellent resistance to high temperature and wear resistance;
     3 high temperature resistant slag chemical resistance;
     4 heat shock is good, the volume is stable, the rebirth line changes little;
     5 against a variety of strong oxidation capacity;
     6 easy to construction, easy to remove the repair, does not produce harmful gases, conducive to environmental protection.
     Therefore, the large-scale blast furnace with large and medium-sized blast furnace with different parts of the refractory is divided into: the main channel using corundum - silicon carbide - carbonaceous materials; hot water ditch using high bauxite clinker - silicon carbide - carbon material; Use clinker clinker (or bauxite clinker) - silicon carbide - carbonaceous material.

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