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Characteristics of lightweight mullite refractory bricks

Date:2020-02-03 17:11 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
Characteristics of lightweight mullite refractory bricks Light-weight mullite refractory bricks have a bulk density of 1.3 g / cm3 or less, because of their low thermal conductivity and good energy-saving effects, they can be used as linings of furnaces in direct contact with flames, but generally lightweight refractory bricks exist The load softening temperature is low and the reburning shrinkage is large. Therefore, it is mostly used as thermal insulation materials. A few light refractory bricks with good high temperature performance have high production costs. Such light refractory bricks are expensive and difficult for users to accept. Our company has developed light mullite bricks according to market demand. In order to improve economic efficiency in ceramics, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries, the demand for light mullite refractory bricks with moderate price and excellent performance has increased, making this type of Light mullite refractory bricks have been widely used in their furnace linings. Generally light mullite brick can be used as a general kiln lining with a higher operating temperature not higher than 1550 ° C. In the production of lightweight mullite bricks, the final dimensions of the final product are guaranteed. In addition to the influencing factors of ingredients and firing, it is mainly dependent on the regular semi-finished mechanical profiling to ensure. 1. The role of additives This additive is a composite additive composed of a variety of refractory materials, which can promote the progress of the reaction.It plays a good role in stabilizing the volume at each stage of light mullite brick firing, and a series of physical and chemical reactions occur. Formation of mullite phase. 2. Lost property Lost-on-burn materials used were polystyrene pellets and wood flour. Polystyrene pellets are hydrocarbon compounds. After firing, the spherical pores with smooth inner spheres and strong and strong pore walls can be formed inside the light mullite bricks. The weak point of the ball is that the spheres in the mud are easy to agglomerate and cannot form a pull, which is not conducive to the improvement of the strength of the green body. The allowable amount of this ball is limited.In order to effectively reduce the density of lightweight mullite bricks without reducing the strength of the green body, If you are interested in our fused azs bricks, or need other types of refractory materials, please contact our Tianyang Refractory Group, we will definitely provide you with the best quality refractory materials and the most reasonable quotation.

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