Fused Cast Skid Rail Block

Fused Cast Skid Rail Block

Apparent Prosity:3.55%

True density :350 g/cm3

Cold Crushing Strength:120 Mpa

Hot Crushing Strength 1300℃ Mpa :/

Exudation temperature of Glass phase℃:0.9

Thermal conductivity 1250 ℃: W/MK:9.2

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► Descriptions
Fused cast skid rail blocks produced at sunrise are of various types including steel discharging platform brick,skid rail block and iron discharging tank blocks.This series block features great strength,good wear and fused slag corrosion resistance as well as long service life(one to two years). Compared to fused cast AZS and zircon mullite bricks,fused cast skid rail block can reduce maintenance cost and increase furnace efficiency.

► Specification and application
1.Mainly made from Al2O3 and ZrO2, it has excellent performance in fire resistance degree, softening deformation temperature,flexural strength,curving temperature,stability and fused slag corrosion,etc. Widely used for steel reheating stove skid rail and steel discharging platform,slot and other consumable parts in industrial furnaces.
2.High abrasion and temperature resistance, ideal for large billet,large friction parts and steel discharging parts in reheating stoves.
3. Gliding rail bricks in steel pusher metallurgical furnaces, the tapping platform (tapping spout) style walking beam furnaces, and also as the interior for incinerators. 


► Why us 
Sunrise fused cast skid rail block is a kind of advanced refractory materials. It has broad application in STEEL reheating furnaces.Over 30 years’ esperience proves that our block can extend steel reheating furnace service life, increase output, reduce refractories consumption and maintenance cost; besides,we can ensure you the least loss due to the furnace breaking and sudden stopping, thus furnaces can be protected and considerable profits be attained.

Technical Data

Item Behaviors TY-GM20
Special Typical
Chemical Composition (%) Al2O3 71-74 73
ZrO2 19-22 20.5
SiO2 5-8 6.0
Fe2O3 ≤0.5 0.3
Na2O ≤1.0 0.5
CaO ≤0.5 0.5
Apparent Prosity (%) 5-8 <8
True density (g/cm3) ≥3.0 3.55
Cold Crushing Strength (Mpa) ≥250 350
Hot Crushing Strength 1300℃ Mpa   120
Exudation temperature of Glass phase℃    
Line Expansion 1150℃ %   0.9
Thermal conductivity 1250 ℃: W/MK   9.2
Bulk Density (g/cm3) PT(RN)   ≥3.0
WS(VF)   ≥3.2
Crystallographic analysis % Corundum 71
Mullite -
Glass Phase: 9
Baddeleyite 20


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