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What Is Mullite Insulation Brick

Date:2016-05-17 18:04 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
Mullite insulation bricks are a new type of insulation material. It is a kind of high alumina refractory mainly made from good quality and pure raw materials. Due to its lightweight and good insulating performance, it has a wide use for fire resistance lining in heat side and insulating layers and increases energy efficiency greatly. 
What Is Mullite Insulation Brick
Mullite insulation brick is made by mixing the raw materials, adding organic composite fillers, extruding and molding under vacuum, and sintering at high temperature. In generally, alumina accounts 65%-75% in the brick. Besides mullite,there are also glass phase and christobalite as well as corundum which are good grade fillings. 
Mullite insulation brick can contact with the flame directly. It features high temperature resistance, light weight, low thermal conductivity and energy conservation. It has low thermal conductivity, so it has good insulation performance, reduce heat dissipation, improve thermal efficiency, and serve energy. Due to its low density and light weight, it can optimize the structure of the furnace and reduce the furnace load. 
Mullite lightweight bricks are popular in hot blast kiln crown,flame side and bottom parts; glass melting furnace regenerator,ceramic sintering kiln,Petroleum cracking system corners and linings,ethylene pyrolysis furnaces, tubular furnaces, reforming furnaces of synthetic ammonia, gas generators and high-temperature shuttle kilns, etc.  
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