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High aluminum refractory bricks manufacturer

Date:2017-06-09 10:56 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
High alumina brick manufacturers generally use soft clay as a high alumina brick binder, because the soft clay is soft and has a good plasticity, but the refractory brick manufacturers found in the firing process, when the temperature in the 1200 ℃ when the clay in the silica and alumina bauxite in the secondary mullite reaction, the high alumina brick to produce a larger volume expansion, weakening the strength of high alumina bricks, so the ingredients The process to join the following 5% is appropriate. For the formation of non-secondary expansion of high alumina bricks, can be used high alumina bauxite powder and clay powder in accordance with a certain proportion of ratio, the manufacture of synthetic mullite binder.
For high alumina brick ingredients used bauxite generally add coarse, medium, fine powder, three kinds of bauxite, the upper limit of particles for 2 ~ 3mm (except special-shaped or special shape of high alumina brick)
Refractory brick manufacturer production practice shows that the appropriate increase in the size of high alumina brick particles is conducive to the formation of high alumina bricks, and the bulk density of high alumina bricks. High aluminum powder in general to control the amount of 40 to 50%, is conducive to the sintering of brick, increasing the density of high alumina bricks.
For medium-high bauxite particles, the general control at 10%, is conducive to the appearance of high alumina brick quality does not produce cracks.
Zhengzhou letter Germany refractory production and research and development of high alumina brick 20 years, has a unique production technology and testing equipment. The company produces high-alumina brick with a high grade / double / three high-alumina brick, thermal shock (peeling) series of high alumina brick, low creep high alumina brick, mainly used for blast furnace, hot air furnace, Furnace, electric furnace and other high-temperature furnace equipment. The main models are T3 / T38 / T39 / T19 / T20, can also be customized according to drawings. Welcome new and old customers to plant inspection.

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