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Types of refractory bricks

Date:2017-08-10 15:04 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
In accordance with the different components of firing refractory bricks, the current sales of refractory bricks in the market can be divided into five categories, any of the stove is not just a refractory brick, and need several different refractory bricks to take their own strengths, Integrated to achieve the best results, the following brief on the types of refractory bricks.
One type of refractory bricks, silicon aluminum refractory bricks (including four small categories, namely, silica brick, clay brick, high alumina refractory bricks and corundum refractory bricks)
Silica bricks: the main varieties of acid refractory bricks, used for more than 600 degrees Celsius, and the temperature is relatively constant use of the environment; clay brick: thirteen to one thousand four in the firing;
High aluminum refractory bricks: mainly used for the steel industry and other non-ferrous metals industry use;
Corundum refractory bricks: According to the processing can be divided into sintered and fused corundum brick two.
The type of refractory bricks Second, the basic series of refractory bricks (including magnesia refractory bricks, dolomite bricks, forsterite refractory bricks)
Magnesia refractory bricks: divided into metallurgical magnesia and magnesia two major categories, according to the chemical composition and use of different, and subdivided into a number of small varieties. The main products, high refractoriness, resistance to alkaline slag and iron slag is very good.
Dolomite brick: widely used in alkaline converter, can also be used as some furnace refining package lining.
Forsterite refractory bricks: mainly used for flat furnace regenerator lattice brick, ingot with brick, furnace bottom and in the copper smelting furnace also has a good effect.
The types of refractory bricks Third, carbon refractory bricks (including carbon brick, graphite refractory products, silicon carbide refractory products)
Carbon brick: used for masonry blast furnace bottom and hearth, long life, widely used in a variety of industries;
Graphite quality refractory products: graphite clay crucible, distillation tank, cast steel with the first tile, the most widely used is the year and the melting of non-ferrous metal graphite clay crucible;
Silicon carbide refractory products: abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance are better, the other high temperature strength, high thermal conductivity, linear expansion coefficient is small, strong thermal shock resistance. Used for oil and gas generators.

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