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The molding methods of Refractory Materials

Date:2017-08-10 15:02 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
Refractory materials have many molding methods, in addition to pressure molding method, contain thevibration molding, ramming molding, plastic molding, slip casting molding, casting molding, hot press molding and hot die casting molding, etc.
1. Vibration moldingVibration molding is to use the mud material under the action of vibration, dynamical friction instead of staticfriction, inner mud material  and mud material greatly reduce the friction between the die wall, sludge particleshave good liquidity to fill the mould parts. At the same time, small particles can fill into the gap of the largerparticles to reach the purpose of the density.
2. Ramming moldingRamming forming is to use hammer to compact mud materials, in order to make it obtain a certain shape anddensity of molding method. Rammer commonly used pneumatic or electric drive, can also be artificialcompacted. When playing, adding sludge in layered model, in turn play will be packed on each floor. Rammingmethod is suitable for the half-dry sludge to produce big different products. The method of the intensity of laboris larger, the noise is also bigger.
3. Plastic molding
Plastic molding is to put good plasticity mud materials into model molding or by squeezing machine extrusionmolding method. Plastic mud materials contain high water, mass fraction is usually above 15%. In refractoryindustry, it is commonly used to make blank, more used in mullite, bauxite clinker and other raw materials
4. slip casting molding
Slip casting molding is after plaster mold absorbing water slurry solidifying to obtain green body. In order to getthe hollow products, after part of the slurry curing, pouring out the central part of the solidified muddehydration. In order to improve the quality of grouting speed and green body quality, can take the pressuregrouting, centrifugal grouting, the vacuum grouting method, etc. 

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