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The Application Of Zirconia Refractories In Glass Furnaces

Date:2015-06-03 05:50 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
Zirconia is useful refractory material for glass furnaces primarily since it is not easily wetted by molten glass and because of its low reaction with them. Therefore, zirconia refractories are widely used in glass furnaces, especially in the glass contact areas. 
Zirconia Refractories
Zirconia refractories are made from zirconium oxide by first molding the powder-like substance and then roasting at 1700°–2200°C. There are certain difficulties in thr usage and fabrication of Zirconia as a refractory material. It is essential to stabilize it before application as a refractory. This is achieved by incorporating small quantities of calcium, magnesium and cerium oxide, etc. Its properties depend mainly on degree of stabilization and quantity of stabilizer as well as the quality of original raw material. 
Zirconia Refractories is acid refractory with the advantages of high mechanical strength, high refractoriness under load, excellent thermal shock stability, good creep resistance and good corrosion resistance to glass liquid. Zirconia refractories have  and are characterized by high chemical resistance to the action of melts, alkalies, and most acids. 
Zirconia refractories have a very high strength at room temperature and high refractoriness above 2000°C. They are, therefore, useful as high temperature construction materials for furnaces and kilns. The thermal conductivity of zirconium dioxide is also found to be much lower than that of most other refractories and the material is therefore used as a high temperature insulating refractory. 
There are many types of zircon or zirconia refractories such as high dense zircon brick , fused cast skid rail block, fused cast zirconia brick, fused cast AZS brick and zirconia-mullite brick, etc.
High dense zircon block is characterized by high bulk density, low apparent porosity, mechanical strength, excellent stability of thermal shocking and resistance to corrosion of glass liquid under load, it is mainly used for soda-lime glass kiln, channel blocks as well as sidewall of glass fiber kilns and floating glass tanks.
Fused Cast Skid Rail Block is mainly made from Al2O3 and ZrO2. It has excellent performance in fire resistance degree, softening deformation temperature, flexural strength, curving temperature, stability and fused slag corrosion,etc. It is widely used for steel reheating stove skid rail and steel discharging platform, slot and other consumable parts in industrial furnaces.
Fused cast high zirconia brick is made of artificial synthesis high purity raw materials through special casting process. It features excellent high temperature and corrosion resistance, low blister and stoning potential. The fused cast high zirconia refractories are widely used in glass furnaces, due to their good corrosion resistance and their low ability to generate defects in glass. 
Fused cast AZS block is made from pure alumina powder and Zircon sand (composed of 65% zirconia and 34% SiO2). It has strong glass corrosion resistance and high thermal shack stability. It is the most widely used material both in glass contact and superstructure of glass melting furnaces. 
Zircon mullite brick is made with high quality mullite sand and zircon powder as its main raw material. Molded by high pressure and sintered by high temperature , it has such advantages as high bulk density, high strength, good thermal shock resistance, high temperature erosion resistance and good slag resistance. It is mainly used in long-life orifice rings, tank bottom, tank superstructure, perfume-bottle feeder, covers for working tanks and soda lime glass.
Sunrise Refractory suppliers different types of zirconia refractories for glass industry at competittive prices, including high dense zircon brick , fused cast skid rail block, fused cast zirconia brick, fused cast AZS brick and zirconia-mullite brick, etc. 

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