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BG-98 superior silica bricks for glass kiln

BG-98 superior silica bricks for glass kiln

0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load T0.6 ℃:≥1685

Apparent Porosity:≤22%

Flux index:≤0.4

True Density:≤2.34 g/cm3

Cold Crushing Strength :≥35 Mpa

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8 silica bricks is a new type silica bricks with high quality for glass kiln which was developed on the basis of 97 silica brick technologies.

Because of a calcium silicon phase (CaO·SiO2), formed by SiO2 and CaO, the study found that calcium silicon phase (CaO·SiO2) in the silica brick is the major cause of silica brick erosion, this combination is vulnerable to erosion of alkaline substances such as NaOH. The reaction between Calcium silicon phase and NaOH will form glass phase in silica bricks, and will slowly dissolve SiO2 particles.

98 silica bricks ensures high temperature strength, at the same time, improves the SiO2 content and reduces the content of CaO, which makes the products with further improved erosion resistance, especially in the daily output of the larger modern glass kiln, the effect is more apparent. The production technology is stable and the products has the best performance.

Technical Data

superior silica bricks BG-97 BG-98
SiO2 97 98
Fe2O3 0.8 0.8
Flux index ≤ 0.4 0.35
 0.2MPa refractoriness under load (℃) ≥ 1685 1690
 Apparent porosity (%) ≤ 22 22
Cold crushing strength(MPa) Unit weight<20kg ≥ 35 35
Unit weight ≥ 20kg ≥ 30 30
True density (g/cm3) ≤ 2.34 2.34


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