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Fire Clay Bricks

Fire Clay Bricks

Apparent Porosity:≤22%

Bulk Density:≥2.15 g/cm3

Cold Crushing Strength:≥30 Mpa

0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load T0.6:≥1400℃

Reheating Linear Change:+0.1- -0.4%

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 Fireclay bricks are the most widely used refractories made from clay minerals. It can be easily located out in the nature and contains suitable content ratio of silica,cyanite and alumina. Some people call them fireplace bricks as they are used  for building cooking chamber in wood fired ovens, for creating fireplaces, all sorts of fire boxes and wood heaters’ lining, linings in a small or the hugest industrial furnaces, you name it. Fire clay bricks have low porosity and are durable for various re-heating process.

► Specifications:
◆High resistance to thermal shock, abrasion, chemical attack to provide long service life; 
◆High dense structure; 
◆Low permanent linear change on reheating;
◆Easy operation and installation; 
◆Broad usage or applications and low price, etc.


► Applications:
Clay bricks are mainly used in the low temperature parts of blast furnaces, waste incinerators and glass melting furnaces. Due to the scale-up of a variety of industrial furnaces and severity of operating conditions, super dense clay bricks that made of more refined chamotte being calcinated at high temperature are applied more than before. It's popular in the following furnaces:
◆Blast furnaces and hot blast furnaces
◆Waste incinerators 
◆Glass melting furnaces

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Technical Data

Item N-1 N-2a N-2b N-3a N-3b N-4 N-5
Refractoriness SK 31 30 30 29 29 28 27
1750 1730 1730 1710 1710 1690 1670



Al2O3 40 39 34 34 32 32 31
Fe2O3 2.1 2.1 2.3 2.3 2.5 2.5 2.5


Porosity (%)

22 24 26 24 26 24 26

Bulk Density


2.15 2.10 2.10 2.05 2.05 2.05 2.00

Cold Crushing

Strength (Mpa)

30 25 20 20 15 20 15



Under Load

T0.6 (℃) ≥

1400 1350 1350 1320 1320 1300 1300




1400℃  +0.1- -0.4 +0.1- -0.5 +0.2- -0.5        
1350℃       +0.2- -0.5 +0.2- -0.5 +0.2- -0.5 +0.2- -0.5



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