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Magnesia Ferrum Spinel Brick

Magnesia Ferrum Spinel Brick

Item :Synthetic Magnesia Ferrum Alumina Spinel Brick

Apparent Porosity:17%

Cold Crushing Strength :45 Mpa

Refractoriness under load :1700 (0.2Mpa ℃)

Bulk Density :3.00 g/cm3

Thermal Shock Resistance :5 (1100℃ water cooling,times)

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Magnesia ferrum spinel brick and synthetic magnesia ferrum alumina spinel brick are made of high purified magnesia clinker and ferrum alumina spinel clinker at strictly controlled temperature and sintered atmosphere, which enables the product to have good flexibility and temperature vibration. The performances of attaching kiln wall and corrosion resistance are better good quality magnesia chrome brick.The product for lining of large dry cement rotary kilns.

Technical Data

Item Behaviors
Magnesia Ferrum Alumina Spinel Brick
Chemical Composition (%) MgO ≥ 83 82
Al2O3 3-6 4-7
Fe2O3 5-8 5-8
Apparent Porosity (%) 17 17
Cold Crushing Strength (Mpa) 45 45
Refractoriness under load 0.2Mpa (℃) 1700 1680
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 3.00 2.98
Thermal Shock Resistance (1100℃ water cooling, times) 5 5


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