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The properties of refractory brick

Date:2017-08-10 15:16 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
The properties of fused cast AZS block:

1. Chemical composition: the main ingredients determine the quality and characteristics of refractory material.

2. The bulk density:  per unit volume weight, density is large, indicating the density is good, the strength may be high, but the thermal conductivity may be large.

3. The porosity: no specific requirements, but as a manufacturer must strictly control the hole.

4. Load softening temperature: also known as high temperature load starting deformation temperature, this parameter is very important, marking the material resistance to high temperature.

5. Thermal shock resistance: resistance to the rapid changes in temperature and without the ability to damage.

6. Compressive strength: to withstand (room temperature) the maximum pressure capacity.

7. Bending strength: the ability to withstand shear pressure.

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