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Advantages of refractory concrete

Date:2017-07-10 08:46 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
Advantages of refractory concrete
1, refractoriness and the same material of the refractory tiles almost, but because of refractory concrete (castable) without sintering, the initial heating shrinkage larger, so the load softening point slightly lower than the refractory bricks. Nevertheless, from the overall measure, performance is better than refractory bricks.
2, fire-resistant concrete is better than the role of low-temperature cementing agent, high temperature compressive strength at room temperature. At the same time because the masonry integrity is good, the gasket is good, not easy to deformation, the outer shell steel plate can be canceled, the furnace resistance to mechanical shock and shock performance better than brick masonry. For example, for the upper side wall of the soaking furnace, where the mechanical wear and collision are more powerful, life than brick several times higher.
3, thermal stability is good, most or all of the aggregate is clinker, expansion and cementation of the shrinkage of the binder, so the thermal expansion of masonry is relatively small than the brick, the temperature stress is small, and the structure of a variety of network Shaped, needle-like, chain-like crystalline phase. Low resistance to low temperature stress. For example, to pour the soak furnace mouth and furnace cover, life extended to a year and a half.
4, the production process is simple, eliminating the complex brick production process. Can be made into a variety of prefabricated blocks, and can mechanize the construction, greatly accelerating the furnace speed, brick than the efficiency of more than ten times. You can also use waste brick for aggregate, turning waste into profit.

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