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The principle of choice of refractory materials

Date:2017-08-10 11:16 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
The principle of choice of refractory materials
Selection of refractories, the general should follow the following principles:
 (1) master the characteristics of the furnace. According to the structure of the furnace, the working characteristics of various parts and operating conditions, the choice of refractory materials. To analyze the reasons for the destruction of refractories, so that the selection of refractory materials. For example, a variety of melting furnace (such as flat furnace, reverberatory furnace) slag line and the following parts of the lining and the bottom of the furnace to the slag and metal melt chemical erosion, followed by the sudden change in temperature caused by thermal stress, Selection of excellent slag resistance of magnesia, magnesia chrome refractory masonry. Slag above the site can be selected magnesium or brick or magnesia brick or high alumina brick masonry.
  (2) familiar with the characteristics of refractory materials. Familiar with the chemical composition of various refractory materials, physical properties and work performance, so as to give full play to the excellent characteristics of refractory materials, try to avoid its shortcomings. Such as silicon brick load softening temperature is high, can resist the erosion of acid slag, but at 600 ℃ below the β crystal form to the α crystal form of rapid changes, poor heat shock resistance, and 600 ℃ above the use of heat shock resistance Better, high temperature will only expand without volume shrinkage, which can be used as a flame furnace roof brick, coke oven charcoal chamber partition brick.
  (3) to ensure the overall life of the furnace. To make the various parts of the furnace used between the various refractory materials to determine the various parts of the furnace and the same parts of the refractory materials at all levels, it is necessary to avoid the chemical reaction between different refractory and melt damage, but also to ensure that all parts Of the equilibrium loss, or take reasonable technical measures to achieve a balanced loss to ensure the overall life of the furnace.
   (4) to achieve comprehensive economic benefits reasonable. The choice of refractory materials to meet the technical conditions and technical requirements under the premise of the material quality, source and price, life and consumption and the impact of product quality, comprehensive analysis, and strive to achieve comprehensive economic benefits. With the large-scale industrial furnace, high efficiency and automation, furnace operating conditions increasingly harsh, the production and use of refractories put forward higher requirements. Energy consumption has increased dramatically, the contradiction between supply and demand has become increasingly tense, industrial furnace energy saving has become one of the important key aspects of development and production. Refractories must also meet the needs of energy conservation. Therefore, according to the structural characteristics of the furnace and thermal system and production process conditions, the correct choice and rational use of the corresponding refractories, research and development of new high-quality refractory materials to further ensure the efficient operation of high-temperature furnace to improve the life of the furnace , Reduce refractory consumption and energy saving. It has been described that the refractory material at high temperature for a long time may also be subjected to erosion and erosion of molten slag and metal and high temperature and high dust corrosive furnace gas; subjected to sudden changes in temperature and various effects of stress; mechanical and material Impact and wear. Today, no refractory material can fully meet the requirements of the above conditions of use. Although some refractory varieties of excellent performance, but the price is expensive, not yet in the furnace a lot of applications. This requires careful analysis of the working conditions of various industrial furnaces, the study of refractory material damage mechanism, so that targeted to the specific furnace, the specific needs of specific parts, selection and application of materials with the corresponding materials, and pay attention The various parts of the refractory between the life of the coordination and coordination.

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