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Refractory clay

Date:2017-11-27 10:05 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
Refractory clay from refractory powder, binder and admixture. Almost all of the refractory raw materials can be used to prepare the powder used to prepare refractory mud. To refractory clinker powder plus a suitable amount of plastic clay as a binder and plasticizer made of ordinary fire-resistant mud, the low temperature at room temperature, the formation of ceramic bonding under high temperature has high strength. With hydraulic, gas-rigid or thermosetting bonding material as a binder known as chemical-bonded refractory mud, below the formation of ceramic bonding temperature before the formation of a certain chemical reaction and hardening.
The size of refractory mud according to the use requirements vary, the ultimate particle size is generally less than 1mm, some less than 0.5mm or finer.
Selection of refractory mud material, masonry refractory products should be considered consistent material. Refractory mortar except for the puzzle material, but also can be used smear method or spray method as a protective coating lining.
Fire-resistant mud characteristics and applications:
1, good plasticity and convenient construction
2, bond strength, strong anti-corrosion ability;
3, high fire resistance, up to 1650 ℃ ± 50 ℃;
4, good slag resistance;
5, good thermal spalling. Refractory mud is mainly used in coke oven, glass furnace, blast furnace, other industrial furnaces. Application of the industry
Are: metallurgy, building materials, machinery, petrochemicals, glass, boilers, electricity, steel, cement and so on.

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