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Ceramic Millboard

Ceramic Millboard

Item:Ceramic millboard

Classification temperature:1500℃

Bulk density:1000 kg/m3

Linear shrinkage %(℃X24h):0.4(1400)

Tensile strength:0.8 MPa

Millboard:Refractory, insulation and sealing

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Ceramic millboard are made from refractory ceramic fiber, attending inorganic and suitable organic binders. The mixture is vacuum processed into boards or formed shapes that keep good mechanical strength after heating. The classification temperature of millboard is 1500℃. The iberboard can be used for internal lining of furnace with high strength and anti airspeed eroding.


◆ Smooth surface
◆ Low impurity, and average bulk density and thickness
◆ Excellent mechanical strength and structural strength
◆ Low thermal conductivity
◆ Low shrinkage
◆ Resistant airspeed eroding

CERAMIC FIBER BULK is produced by the melting of very pure raw materials with the basic acteristics such as light weight low thermal capacilty good thermal shock resistance, resistance to re erosion and absorbent sounds, bulk is also the basic material for other eramic fiber products

◆ Excellent thermal stability
◆ Excellent chemistry quality
◆ Resistance to burning
◆ Low thermal conductivity
◆ Low thermal capacity
◆ Good insulation
◆ Good obstructing voice and mechanism strength
◆ Low shrinkage
◆ Good springiness for fibers
◆ Convenient producing and installing

Technical Data

Classification temperature 1500℃
Bulk density 1000kg/m3
Linear shrinkage %(℃X24h) 0.4(1400)
Tensile strength (MPa) 0.8

◆ Millboard: Refractory, insulation and sealing
◆ Insulation of transportation roller for Annealing Furnaceand Reheating Furnace
◆ Insulation of transportation roller for heat-treatment furnace of plain glasses



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