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Some Factors To Affect the Dense Refractory Brick Abrasion Resistance

Date:2017-06-15 14:18 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
Some factors to affect the dense refractory brick wear resistance have:

1. Hardness: hardness is often thought to be the important indicators of refractory brick abrasion resistance to measure. Harder materials, its abrasion resistance is better, but in the case of

impact wear large, hardness impact is not necessarily very large. Refractory brick is heterogeneous body, the hardness of the parts may be different. To include corundum brick, carborundum

brick, if enough intensity, when the low hardness of material wear, these high hardness of the material can still wear resistance of refractory brick.

2. Crystal structure and solubility of crystal: with a particular crystal structure material with good abrasion resistance, such as cobalt with close-packed hexagonal structure's friction coefficient is

small, wear resistance. In metallurgy between the weak solubility metal’s wear resistance is also good.

3. Strength: refractory brick in use process will encounter a lot of impact wear, therefore, high strength of refractory brick’s abrasion resistance capability is strong.

4. Atmosphere: similar to the effects of temperature, atmosphere affects solubility and reactivity between materials, which affects its wear resistance. 

5. Temperature: temperature has influence to the hardness of materials, solubility and reactivity, thus indirectly affect the wear resistance of refractory brick. In general, with the temperature

increasing, the hardness decreased, solubility and reactivity improved, wear resistance of materials decreased. Refractory brick is used in high temperature, wear resistance under high

temperature is very important.

6. Bulk density: large bulk density, low apparent porosity of refractory brick's wear resistance is high. 

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