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How to Increase the Service Life of Refractory Brick

Date:2017-06-15 14:15 From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Author:sunrise
Refractory brick is also called firebrick. It is the refractory material with a certain shape and size. According to the preparation method, it can be divided into the burnt brick, air brick, refractory

insulating brick. According to the shape and size, it can be divided into standard brick, ordinary brick, and other abnormal shape brick. It can be used as a building kiln and various thermal

technology equipment of high temperature building materials and structure materials, and under high temperature can withstand various physical and chemical changes and mechanical action.

Refractory brick is the most important refractory material, the lining plate of rotary kiln adopts refractory brick, choose suitable refractory brick, the correct and reasonable use of firebrick, plus

maintenance in place is the key to improve the service life of refractory brick, so how to improve the service life of refractory brick?

1. Choose high quality refractory brick, high quality refractory brick can significantly improve the service life of refractory brick.

2. Using the correct construction method, high quality of stack is the key to improve the service life of refractory brick.

3. Timely maintain brick, is also the key to improve the service life of refractory brick. 

4. According to different needs, choose unstudied refractory brick, different kinds of refractory brick, concrete performance index has certain difference, so according to the actual need, choose

suitable refractory brick.

5. New stack of refractory brick strictly control the temperature of warming and cooling, not heating or cooling too quickly, causes the damage of refractory brick.

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